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The algorithmic trading bot solution for the modern investor

  • BullBots helps traders everywhere make profitable moves 24/7.
  • Proven and profitable proprietary strategies.
  • Easy to use dashboard with detailed analytics and insights.

Why Bullbots is the leading aLgorithmic trading bot on the market

Enterprise-Level Security

Our encrypted API links seamlessly with your trading account to ensure your funds are fully secured.

Trade 100+ Tokens

Easy integration with Bybit lets you make winning trades with over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

Proven (and Profitable)

Bullbot is based on battle-tested trading strategies, perfected by professional traders and refined through years of experience.

Priority Support For Power Users

Get rapid answers to your most pressing questions via our dedicated support channels.

Win Your Way

Customise BullBot’s behaviour by working directly with our experienced developers to develop your winning formula.

Results at Your Fingertips

See every trade Bullbot makes for you (and how they perform) right from your Bybit account dashboard.

Getting started is simple


Checkout, pay for your subscription and log into your secure user account

Connect BullBots

Securely link BullBots to your BYBIT subaccount via our enterprise-grade API

Launch Bots

Monitor BullBots’ performance in real-time, assess its trades & watch the bot do all the work


Sign up today and choose from the following tiers:

Best for beginners

BullBot SiIver



in $BULC per month

Entry-level bot to start making profits now

Sign up for BullBots Silver and get:

  • Trade on Bybit
  • 4-6 trades per week
  • Trades based on 4h strategy
Most popular

BullBot Gold



in $BULC per month

Mid-range bot for committed traders

Sign up for BullBots Gold and get:

  • Trade on Bybit
  • 10-14 trades per week
  • Trades based on 1 hour candles
Best value

BullBot Platinum



in $BULC per month

Platinum bot for serious investors

Sign up for BullBots Platinum and get:

  • Trade on Bybit
  • 16-20 trades per week
  • Trades based on 1 hour candles


What kind of returns can I expect from BullBots?

For legal reasons, we can’t make any guarantees as to how much money you’ll make by using BullBots. You should take a look at the user testimonials here and see if you’re interested in producing those results for yourself.

In testing we have seen anything from 5% to 30% monthly returns.

Is there any risk?

When you invest, there will always be risk associated. Our strategy is based on risk management taking only informed, low-risk trades that are immune to human emotions and mistakes. This increases the probability of successful trades.

Do I have to trade myself or know anything about crypto?

No. You don’t need to spend any time learning or doing research on cryptocurrency trading. 100% of all trades will be executed automatically. Simply follow our setup instructions, then relax while the bot handles everything.

Is there a minimum amount of capital I need to invest?

In short the answer is “No”. Our bots will use and size trades based on the capital available in the subaccount. 

We are currently beta testing the bots with smaller portfolios (Between $50 and $20k). Once we clear this stage the investment amount will be a personal choice. The more capital you invest, the more you stand to earn – but the greater the risk involved.

What are the terms and conditions of using BullBots?

The full terms and conditions for using BullBots can be viewed here. Simply put:

  1. We’re not entitled to any of the profit you make, and we’re also not responsible for any losses you may incur
  2. You should monitor the performance of BullBots to ensure you’re achieving whatever level of performance you desire
  3. We aren’t financial advisors and cannot be held liable for any issues arising from the use of BullBots

For more information, please see our full Terms & Conditions here.

What do I need to do to start using BullBot?

BullBots is partnered with Bybit. In order to start using our products, you will need to set up a subaccount on Bybit which we link BullBots to via APIs. We have a step by step guide to walk you through this on sign-up and further support can be provided in our Telegram channel.

When / How can I withdraw my profits?

Your funds, which are kept on the third-party exchange platform, are completely under your control. Your money is available for withdrawal at any moment. BullBots does not have access to transfer / hold your funds. 

See API settings for more details.